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Hire an Individual

Do you have an employment opportunity for an individual who uses our services?
ADS can help your business become more diverse.

ADS recognizes that individuals are unique and have different abilities, skills, and preferences. Because society in general is diverse, businesses can benefit from participation by all segments of the population in their work forces. ADS can effectively place an individual with your business that meets your employee needs, fulfills your specific job requirements, and enhances the diversity of your work force.

Here is how hiring an individual through ADS' Integrated Employment Program can be a good value for your business:
  • Worker assessment – The individual ADS places with your business is assessed for skills and desired work outcomes before he or she is presented for employment. This helps place an individual who is qualified and facilitates job retention.
  • Job analysis – By analyzing your business's work flow, relationships between team members, and work place culture, ADS can assist in looking for tasks that never get done. The goal is increased efficiency. Job analysis allows other employees to do their specified tasks or expand upon their duties. Job analysis can also lead to "job carving" which is sectioning out a portion of an existing job thereby maximizing workers skills.
  • Job tryouts – Job tryouts are a win/win situation for both employer and prospective employee. During a job tryout ADS will pay the wage of the individual for a negotiated period of time. This is a period of no commitment for both employer and individual. If at anytime either party is unhappy with the job or the work done the trial can be terminated. Your business gets to see how things might work out without any obligation to hire. The individual decides whether or not he or she likes the job. These work experiences are a significant aid to job retention and employee loyalty.
  • On the job training – ADS will assign an experienced job coach to help train the individual and develop the natural supports necessary for the individual to become as independent on the job as possible. Although ADS will be there for long term support, it is important that the business has a stake in the individual's development and understands this individual is their employee.
  • Diversification – Employment is based on need and therefore hiring an individual with a disability is not charity. However, employing someone with a disability is a great way to increase the diversity of your workforce. Your non-disabled employees become part of the process as they help provide support for the individual which creates an atmosphere of team work. Your business plays an important role in community integration. Individuals are empowered to be a part of the community and become less reliant on tax payer dollars for support. In return your community image is enhanced.
  • You may qualify for state or federal tax incentives.

ADS will work hard to facilitate a smooth transition that enables the individual to move from working with us to working for you. If you have an employment opportunity please call or email Kevin.

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.