Adult Development Services
302 S. Jones Street
P.O. Box 66
Greenwood, WI  54437

Phone: 715-267-7228
Fax: 715-267-3125

Providing Quality Rehabilitative Work Services

Outsourcing Capabilities:
Let us work for you!

ADS relies on outsourced work from area businesses to provide individuals with valuable paid work options. By actively engaging in work activities ADS clients gain work skills and confidence that empowers them to succeed in their communities. Contracting with ADS for your light manufacturing or service needs is a win/win situation for your business and our clients. Adding employees to your payroll to complete small run or short term jobs is expensive. Outsourcing work to ADS can save your company money while still maintaining high quality standards. ADS provides the manpower, supervision, and quality control so you don't have to.

Light manufacturing:
ADS clients have performed a wide variety of manufacturing tasks. We currently assemble small mechanical parts, construct shipping crates and pallets, package gift items, bag parts and manuals, perform mailing operations, and other related tasks. ADS also operates its own delivery truck which provides for the timely and convenient pick up and delivery of your product. Please email our production manager to discuss your manufacturing needs.

Food Service:
The ADS commercial kitchen prepares meals for day care, nutrition, and institutional sites throughout Clark County. Great care is taken to ensure nutritional standards are met while providing flavorful options. If your group, organization, or business has a need for high quality food service on a regular basis, please contact our food service manager for more information.

Community Contractual Services:
ADS performs a number of jobs in the community. In season our clients, along with a supervisor, maintain over 30 commercial and residential lawns. We also provide year round janitorial service to a number of businesses throughout Clark County. If you live in the area and have a lawn that needs mowing or a building that needs cleaning, please contact our production manager.


"Clark County Adult Development Services have been cleaning for Clark Electric Cooperative for several years now. We have a very good working relationship. The clients and supervisors do a great job cleaning and tidying up in all four of the Cooperative buildings and grounds. When asked to do extra cleaning or switching schedules for cleaning they are very accommodating. We are an accredited Cooperative which requires our buildings and grounds to be inspected monthly for any safety issues and cleanliness. We are very pleased with the work that ADS provided for the Cooperative."


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