Adult Development Services
302 S. Jones Street
P.O. Box 66
Greenwood, WI  54437

Phone: 715-267-7228
Fax: 715-267-3125
Providing Quality Rehabilitative Work Services

Products For Sale

ADS proudly markets several proprietary products. Clark Pizza, GreenWoods Candles, and GreenWoods Suet Cakes are sold to retail outlets through out Clark and surrounding Counties. Our customized promotional buttons are utilized by a number of event organizers to promote their festivals, sports teams, or other events.

GreenWoods Candles are now available online! Please click here to view our wide variety of scents and place an order.

Sales of these products and services provide valuable paid work opportunities to the mentally and developmentally disabled citizens who use our services. By purchasing products from ADS you help support the financial independence of the individuals we serve, foster an increased sense of self esteem, and enable the achievement of their highest potential.

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.